Thursday, 27 September 2012

Snax Box #074 Hello Kitty Mooncake

Another mooncake for snack box this week :P

After I have failed with my marie mooncake, I did another round of "ping pei" hello kitty mooncake.  I prefer this as compared to my marie shaped mooncake because this one use natural flavour.  I used the cherries to get the pink colour.  So today I packed a small piece of mooncake, biscuits and froot loops for lil prince snack box. Hmmm....this snack box is a lil too girlish for a boy, right? hehehehe...I hope the girls in his class won't laugh at him today ^__^.

Lately I am also training my lil prince to eat kiwi.  I bought both the yellow and green kiwi for him and gave him a few slices.  I like kiwi fruits because they are rich in vitamin C.  I am keeping my fingers cross to have an empty snack box back today ^__^.

Looking forward for my 'tang lung' session this weekend.  Wishing all of you Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


  1. Kiwi is very good for everyone, even for the kids =)

  2. Agreed with you Hayley, good for kids but difficult for me to get the kids to eat them...need to try hard :)