Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Snax Box #070 Angry Bird Fish Cake

Look what I have discovered!  Angry Bird Fish Cake!  It really caught me by surprise when I first saw this.  I was so delighted and it's like I've found a treasure in the treasure island!  It is so interesting to see how they have turn this into food.  I've also notice that some steamboat restaurant do have this fish cake in their menu.

I think they are really adorable!  I bought two packets, one red and one yellow.  The yellow birds has smoked cheese flavour and the red one just taste like the normal fish cake (like those stars, teddy bears and nemo fish cake).

I packed four pieces of the AB fish cake for lil prince today.  I also added some green peas and strawberries.  Since I have limited space left, I gave him some froot loops instead of biscuits.  These angry bird fish cake do make my snack box look more colourful ^__^.

Although my lil prince is a fan of Angry Bird, he is not so into playing the game nowadays because we don't have an iPAD.  Only once in a blue moon he get to play on my hp.  Well, I guess not having an iPAD is also an advantage :P.


  1. I like the red AB! The boss.ahhahahah

  2. Where did you buy it from? I can find the red and not the yellow.

  3. oh Kitty, so cute.

    Can you please let me know where can I buy it cos my boy is a great fan of Angry Bird. :)

  4. My friend bought this for our steamboat gathering last month but we are afraid to eat them. Colouring overload! -.-

  5. hahha...i found them too but only bought once for ashley. i was afraid of the colouring and the seller couldn't tell me what they are made of :P

  6. Oh the AB fish cakes are really cute.

  7. This AB fish cake is incredibly cute. I still can't find it here.

  8. Mummy Ling,
    Yup, me too. Love the red one!

    Little Lamb and Kit Boy Mummy,
    You can email me. Will let you know where I got them.

    Yes, I agreed with you, lots of colouring. I dare not let my son eat too many.

    Mommy to Chumsy,
    I also agreed with you. This is also my first try.

    Mummy Gwen,
    Adorable, aren't they?

    Yes, absolutely cute. Don't worry, they will come to your place one day:P

  9. I saw this in the supermarket last weekend and Chloe warned me "Don't buy ar!" She is afraid of coloured food cos I told her that those colouring got poison haha :p But they are really cute and make your bento boxes look so attractive!

  10. may i know where to get this?

  11. mai i know where to get this fissball angry bird